"A culture where stories make the unremarkable remarkable; where narratives of objects, ideas and people converge. An ode to thoughtful designs; a reminiscence of incredible craft; an expression of ideas in design."

Design Dialects by MO is a celebration of the profound impact that thoughtful design narratives have on our perception of the world. It is rooted in the belief that stories have the power to transform the unremarkable into the extraordinary.

At its core, "Design Dialects by MO" is a design history newsletter focusing on the stories behind textiles and interior architecture. We look back at the incredible craft, the time-honoured techniques, meticulous processes and the people that underpin exceptional design.

We believe that the exchange of ideas and experiences enhances our understanding and appreciation of design. And hence, with "Design Dialects by MO," we aim to build a vibrant and engaged community of design enthusiasts who share our passion for uncovering the narratives behind exceptional craftsmanship.

Join us as we delve into the interplay between objects, ideas, and people, creating a space where curiosity thrives and the love for design is celebrated in all its facets.

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